January 10, 2017

Richard Hanse, Supervisor
Thomas Burke, Councilman
Patrick Kennedy, Councilman
Michael Veeder, Councilman
Linda Wilkinson, Councilwoman
Bambi Hotaling, Town Clerk

Larry Ross, Warren Mueller, Carlton Wilkinson, Bob Desrosiers, Charlie Desrosiers, Karen Pautz

Melanie Lekocevic

The regular board meeting was called to order directly after the organizational meeting.

A motion to accept the minutes from the December 13 meeting was made by Thomas Burke, seconded by Patrick Kennedy and duly carried.
Ayes: 5 – Hanse, Burke, Kennedy, Veeder, Wilkinson

Supervisor opened the meeting to the public. Carlton Wilkinson stated that when it is cold outside water freezes at the Senior Center. Discussion ensued; Rick is aware of the situation. Mike said he would stop in and take a look.

Reports from Department Heads:

Highway Superintendent Larry Ross reported that the Sterling snowplow had to be taken to Watkins Springs, the leaf springs are being replaced and the Cat 938 loader is having the hydraulic hoses replaced. Both repairs will be costly.

Supervisor reported that there was a committee meeting last night regarding the new highway garage/municipal facility. He and the board continue to receive calls/inquiries/suggestions for the Town to purchase the recently vacated GNH building. A site review was conducted to determine if the property could be repurposed for Town use. Discussion ensued. The general consensus of the committee and the board was that the costs involved to retrofit are too high– approximately 2.5 million which does not include purchasing the property. Patrick also stated that we received a grant through the NYS in the amount of $500,000 which is site specific. The Town will not pursue this option any further.

Mike Veeder gave an update on the highway garage/municipal building. He spoke with Gene McGrath who continues searching grants on behalf of the Town. He provided Mike with information from Sanford Baer with the application and checklists. Grants are available up to $50,000, loans are available as well. One application can be reviewed by all state agencies that provide grants in area of interest. He again confirmed that his fee is based on 10% of grant money he obtains, not on any loans. The committee is still waiting for the wetland mitigation report to be approved by the Army Corp. They are hoping to put the project out to bid by April 1st. Again Mike reiterated that retrofitting the GNH building was not a feasible option.

Correspondence — none

Supervisor reported on various matters:

The Town received a cash offer of $210,000 for the purchase of Town Hall (discussed at the 12/29 meeting). The binder listed a closing date of March 30. Discussion on the Town renting back office space until the new building is ready. Mike is not in favor of this and would like to see the Town retain possession. Patrick feels the deal is too good to pass up and terms can be negotiated. A contract has not been drawn up yet; no action was taken.

Rick stated that the Town will be represented at the upcoming Association of Towns Meeting held in New York City, stressing the importance of appointing delegates so that the Town can have a vote on various matters. A motion to appoint Richard Hanse as voting delegate and Thomas Burke as alternate to attend the business session of the Association of Towns meeting was made by Patrick Kennedy seconded by Linda Wilkinson and duly carried.
Ayes: 5 – Hanse, Burke, Kennedy, Veeder, Wilkinson

At 7:38 pm Supervisor asked for a motion to enter into executive session to discuss the EMS union contract. Patrick Kennedy made the motion which was seconded by Thomas Burke and duly carried.

At 8:08 pm Thomas Burke made a motion to come out of executive session and reopen the board meeting. Patrick Kennedy seconded the motion which was duly carried.

The memorandum of agreement between the Town and UPSEU was presented for approval. A motion to approve and authorize the Supervisor to sign pending ratification by the ambulance unit was made by Thomas Burke seconded by Patrick Kennedy and duly carried.
Ayes: 5 – Hanse, Burke, Kennedy, Veeder Wilkinson

General Fund and Highway bills in the amount of $25,188.57 were audited on abstract #1, voucher numbers 2017-001 through 2017-047.

At 8:10 pm a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Thomas Burke, seconded by Michael Veeder and duly carried.


Bambi Hotaling, Town Clerk