Press Release
January 27, 2014
Pet Food Pantry At Second Reformed Church, Coxsackie, NY

petfoodpantryflyer05-2016During the Christmas season the Second Reformed Church in Coxsackie collected pet food for families that needed help in providing food for their best friends. Many people from Greene County made financial donations as well as donations of dog and cat food. Since then I have read articles in our local papers about how many older persons have to feed their pets food that is provided by the Meals On Wheels program resulting in the elderly not getting the proper nutrition that is intended for them. The news has also informed us that those who receive food stamps (SNAP) have had their benefits reduced which further puts stress on those families who have a pet. It is well documented that having a family pet provides much needed companionship especially to those that live alone. Those that have a pet have less depression and are more likely to be physically active which can provide numerous health benefits. Dogs have also been helpful in treating soldiers returning from war who have suffered brain trauma. To help with donating food, money or to request help with obtaining pet food please contact Jeffrey Haas at 518-478-5414 or by e-mail at


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