July 10, 2018

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July 10, 2018


Richard Hanse, Supervisor
Thomas Burke, Councilman
Patrick Kennedy, Councilman
Michael Veeder, Councilman
Linda Wilkinson, Councilwoman
Bambi Hotaling, Town Clerk
Joan Tailleur, Town Attorney

Carol S. Metz, Donna Bartlett, Gary Bartlett. Steve Ritter, Lorraine Holdridge, Gabriel Wapner, Patrick Doyle, Kris Martin, James Cleveland, David Levey, Tara Donadio, Samatha Levy, Eileen Tighe, Rudolph Geiger, Lasse Aehlr. Bob O’Leary, Tessa Partridge, Jennifer Suchy, Givseppina Agovino, Warren Mueller, Shannon Friel, James Cavalari, Linda Friel, Jeff Jones, Stephanie V., Chris Steinke, Jeff Rose, Kim Rose, Linda Deubert, Charles Schaeffer

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.

A motion to accept the minutes of June 12 and June 28 was made by Patrick Kennedy seconded by Michael Veeder and duly carried.

The meeting was opened to Tara Donadio, Sustainability Planner for the Capital District Regional Planning Commission. She gave a presentation regarding what they do and how they assist Towns implement clean energy by providing technical assistance. She indicated that the Town could be eligible for $35,000 (with no local cost share) in grant money. The board thanked Tara for the information and her time. All information presented can be found at nyserda.ny.gov/cec.

The meeting was then opened to Andrew Davis, Department of Public Service
Mr. Davis stated he would be presenting on the Article 10 Process only and would not be discussing or addressing questions relative to the two projects currently under review. Mr. Davis provided a 12 page handout and went through it page by page. He also provided an application process overview. Councilman Burke asked if the siting board seriously considers the concerns of the public. Mr. Davis stated that it is an elaborate process and certainly public comments get taken into consideration. Data and factual evidence are required, not just complaints of the view shed. Councilman Veeder asked if an Article 10 process has ever been stopped by the public. He does not recall that happening or a project under Article 10 being abandoned during the process. Several members of the community voiced their concerns with the process. Discussions included the voting process/ad hoc members, home rule, local land use plans, siting board, public participation, hearings, appeal process, stakeholders, location, etc. Residents feel that their community is under siege. Rick thanked Mr. Davis for coming in to present this information.

Supervisor opened the meeting to the public.

Gary Bartlett addressed the board with noise complaints regarding Earlton Fish & Game Club. Donna Bartlett and Steve Ritter voiced their concerns regarding the noise as well. Mr. Bartlett dropped off a letter on July 9 addressed to the board with a copy of a letter he sent to the Earlton Fish and Game Club. Supervisor stated that the Town attorney is looking into this matter.

Correspondence was reviewed and acted upon if necessary
–Emily’s Pasteria LLC, intent to obtain liquor license (Quarry Steakhouse)
–Greene County YMCA “Greene Y Triathlon, September 8th
–Braking Aids Ride, September 15th

EMS Chief Myrdycz provided a written report stating that it was a busy month with 91 calls. She requested that the board consider two volunteers: Alexis Fava who was a junior member but has aged out. She is a recent Greenville High School graduate and plans to continue her education to pursue her goal as a paramedic. Emily Evans is a firefighter with Coxsackie Hose Company No. 3 and is looking to start EMT classes in the Fall also with the goal of becoming a paramedic. On motion of Patrick Kennedy seconded by Thomas Burke and duly carried Alexis Fava and Emily Evans were approved as Town of Coxsackie Ambulance volunteers.
Ayes: 5 – Hanse, Burke, Kennedy, Veeder, Wilkinson

Supervisor gave an update on the highway garage municipal building; footings/foundation almost complete. Trench drains will be going in shortly.

Bids for 20×40 fabric covered salt sheds were received as follows: Steel Master $7,830, Clear Span $17,564, Adinorth Structures, LLC $16,230. Specs and bids are on file; prices do not include set up of the structure. A motion to accept the bid from Steel Master in the amount of $7,830 was made by Thomas Burke seconded by Michael Veeder and duly carried.
Ayes: 5 – Hanse, Burke, Kennedy, Veeder, Wilkinson

A Resolution opposing the Hecate project was presented. The Village of Coxsackie has opposed the project as well. Richard Hanse made a motion adopting the resolution as presented which was seconded by Thomas Burke and duly carried.
Ayes: 5 – Hanse, Burke, Kennedy, Veeder, Wilkinson

The resolution is on file in the Town Clerk’s Office.

Councilman Veeder stated that they continue working on getting an updated solar law in place.

General Fund and Highway bills in the amount of $22,902.15 were audited on abstract #12, voucher numbers 2018-497 through 2018-543.

At 8:40 pm a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Linda Wilkinson, seconded by Michael Veeder and duly carried.


Bambi Hotaling, Town Clerk


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