May 8, 2018

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May 8, 2018


Richard Hanse, Supervisor
Thomas Burke, Councilman
Patrick Kennedy, Councilman
Michael Veeder, Councilman
Linda Wilkinson, Councilwoman
Bambi Hotaling, Town Clerk

Warren Mueller, Lorraine Ferrer, Charles Scahefer, Brigid Tighe, Michael J. Tighe, Carol S. Metz, James Cavalari, Dawn Marie Smith, Patrick Doyle, Tessa Partridge, Chris Chimento, Joanne Yost, Gabriel Wapner, Kim Rose, Nadine Myrdycz

PRESS: Dan Zuckerman, Daily Mail

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.

The public hearing was opened on proposed Local Law #1-2018 A Local Law to Amend Chapter 201 of the Code of the Town of Coxsackie regarding Zoning. Newspaper notice was presented and copies of the draft local law were distributed to members of the public. It was noted that the changes (clarification of uses under the Town Code) were recommended by the planning board. The local law was referred to the County Planning Department once the Town receives their recommendations the law can be adopted by the Town Board. On motion of Richard Hanse seconded by Patrick Kennedy and duly carried the public hearing was closed at 7:10 pm. The regular board meeting followed.

A motion to accept the minutes of March 29 and April 10 was made by Michael Veeder seconded by Linda Wilkinson and duly carried.

Kim Rose distributed information to the board – Saving Greene, Citizens for Sensible Solar; moving forward with petition, Kim says they have been going door to door. Several of the members had a meeting today with Hecate and were told that their voices do not matter and no number of signatures will prevent the project from moving forward.

Tom Burke commented that lots of voices have and will be heard.

Gabe Wapner of Hecate stated that the Article 10 is a comprehensive process, one that they did not ask for or create.

There appears to be some confusion/misinformation as to whether or not the two adhoc members of the 7 member citing board have voting rights. Tessa Partridge believes they do not. Gabe is under the impression they do; he stepped out to call their counsel who confirmed that they will have voting rights. This issue needs further clarification; Gabe recommended that the Town check with their attorney as well.

Carol Metz questioned the status of the Cypress Creek project. To the knowledge of the Town Board and Clerk, they have not gone before the planning board since obtaining their hardship waiver.

Discussion ensued regarding the parking lot at the Senior Center. It remains an issue; the board is looking at options.

Patrick Doyle of Hudson Energy stated that they will be hosting an open house on May 30 at Pegasus Restaurant to discuss the Flint Mine Solar project. There will be an afternoon session at 2:00 pm and an evening session at 6:00 pm.

EMS Chief Nadine Myrdycz reported 83 calls, she has two quotes for the floor; waiting on one more. She asked the board to approve hiring Jennifer McGee as a part-time EMT. A motion to hire Jennifer McGee as part-time EMT effective the first day of the pay period following her certification by Greene County Civil Service at the rate of $11.73 per hour was made by Patrick Kennedy seconded by Michael Veeder and duly carried.
Ayes: 5 – Hanse, Burke, Kennedy, Veeder, Wilkinson

They will be holding an AED training class May 22 at the Senior Center for approximately 10 people. The AED was purchased through the Wayne Speenburgh Grant. Nadine stated that the pads will need to purchased/replaced in a year.

Dawn Smith questioned the reimbursement rate of EMS calls to the prison. Supervisor stated this has been a topic of on-going discussions with the board and is being further looked into.

Correspondence was reviewed and acted upon if necessary
–letter from Greene County Historical Society, donation request
–Letter from Dianne Ringwald, Parade, May 28th 1:00 pm rain or shine
–Letter from Greene County Veterans Service Agency, invitation to Honor a Vet
May 19, 10:00 am Greene County Courthouse steps honoring Technician Fourth Grade
Alfred A. Daoust

Supervisor stated that each year the Town budgets money for the Historical Society. He also disclosed that he is an officer of the Committee and therefore abstains from voting on matters related to with the Historical Society. Thomas Burke said he is a member of the Society but not an officer so there is no need to abstain from voting. Thomas Burke made a motion which was seconded by Linda Wilkinson and duly carried to donate $500 to the Greene County Historical Society toward their Community Patriot’s Day event being held on May 19.
Ayes: 4 – Burke, Kennedy, Veeder, Wilkinson Abstain: 1 – Hanse

Supervisor reported that things are moving along with the new municipal project; a groundbreaking ceremony will take place at the site on May 25 at 11:00 am. Rick went on to say that the new building will serve the Town of Coxsackie well into the future and everyone should be proud of this accomplishment.

General Fund and Highway bills in the amount of $89,829.28 were audited on abstract #8, voucher numbers 2018-324 through 2018-370.

Councilman Veeder reported that they continue working on updating the solar law. In the meantime the extension of the moratorium will allow more time for review. He read an excerpt relating to the state Article 10 process, which provides for a siting review which is required for large-scale generating facilities. Mike also thinks it is unclear if the adhoc members of the board will have a vote. On a personal note he has grandkids here and would like to see land protected for their use as well. The process of determining the law is very involved and they would like to get the solar law just right.

On motion of Thomas Burke seconded by Linda Wilkinson and duly carried a resolution extending the solar moratorium for an additional six months was approved.
Ayes: 5 – Hanse, Burke, Kennedy, Veeder, Wilkinson

Supervisor had a request from the bookkeeper to reschedule the workshop meeting from May 31 to May 24. Workshop meetings are normally the last Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm but subject to change. Richard Hanse made a motion to reschedule the May workshop meeting which was seconded by Michael Veeder and duly carried.

At 7:45 pm a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Thomas Burke, seconded by Michael Veeder and duly carried.


Bambi Hotaling, Town Clerk


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