November 13, 2018

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November 13, 2018


Richard Hanse, Supervisor
Thomas Burke, Councilman
Patrick Kennedy, Councilman
Michael Veeder, Councilman
Linda Wilkinson, Councilwoman
Bambi Hotaling, Town Clerk

Jeannette Rice, Carol S. Metz, Warren Mueller, Mark Flach, Gabe Wapner,
Mary Garvey, David Meier, Patrick Doyle, Carlton Wilkinson

Supervisor opened the meeting to the public.

Jeanette Rice addressed the board stating that she lives in Rensselaerville but has been visiting Coxsackie since she was a young girl. Jeanette provided a handout and a copy of her letter to the Daily Mail. Ms. Rice spoke about global warming, property values and view sheds. She asked the board to give thoughtful consideration to solar; what Coxsackie does impacts other Towns. Copies of her handout and editorial are available at the Clerk’s office.

Patrick Doyle (Flint Mine Solar) complimented Jeanette on her presentation; agrees with her concerns on global warming. Most people are supportive of wind and solar energy. He asked the board to reconsider allowing solar in RA-2 zone. The Flint Mine project will be well hidden and there will be environmental and financial benefits associated with the project.

Carol Metz agrees that while most people are in favor of solar; the character of our Town needs to be protected. On another note she gave a big thank you to the Supervisor and Senator Amedore for securing grant money to pave the Senior Center Parking Lot.

Mary Garvey, Sleepy Hollow Resident, thanked Jeannette for her presentation. Ms. Garvey moved here 30 years ago for clean reservoir quality water. She is concerned about the blue green algee that is affecting the lake. Real estate values are already out the window. Solar is the best possibility for the land.

Mark Flach stated that 40% of his land is in the RA-2 zone; the new code does not allow solar in that zone which will be detremential to the farming community.

Gabe Wapner (Hecate Solar) spoke of the climate crisis stating we all have a role to play in making some tough choices. He asked that the board listen to the entire community. The Town passed a solar law in 2016 which allowed solar in all zones; the new law would prevent all large scale systems in the RA-2 zone. They have been in the Article 10 process for over a year now. It is a comprehensive process that they were forced into; would have much rather worked locally. He thanked the board for their time and patience.

Correspondence was reviewed and acted upon if necessary:

–Letter from County, Honor a Vet Ceremony Alfred Van Schaack, Jr. 11/3/18 10:00 am
–Cornell Cooperative, Greene County Natural Resources Inventory Project
–Letter from Linda & Frank Drewello re Flint Mine Solar

Supervisor gave an update on the highway garage/municipal building. Highway section has been roofed and office space being worked on. Steel is moving along slower than expected. The project is still on budget.

Gabe asked when the board is expected to vote on the new law. Supervisor said it would be subsequent to the public hearing which has been scheduled for November 13 at 7:00 pm.
The revised proposed local law is available at the Town Clerk’s Office. The following changes were noted: the planning board may waive maximum lot coverage area of 20% up to a maximum of 50%, (page 10) the word parcel was changed to solar lot (page 13 & 14), financial security increased from 20% to 50% of construction value (page 17).

General Fund and Highway bills in the amount of $508,557.48 were audited on abstract #16, voucher numbers 2018-706 through 2018-756.

Budget workshops were scheduled as follows: October 17 at 7:00 pm, October 25 (regular workshop) 6:00 pm budget workshop to follow, October 29 at 7:00 pm; public hearing on the 2019 budget needs to be held no later than November 8.

Councilman Burke stated that he had a meeting with representatives of the fire company regarding their budget. He and Patrick have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday at 5:00 pm with the Teamsters and Tom is coordinating a meeting with UPSCEU.

A motion to accept the August Justice reports as presented was made by Michael Veeder seconded by Patrick Kennedy and duly carried.
Ayes: 5 – Hanse, Burke, Kennedy, Veeder, Wilkinson

At 7:45 pm a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Thomas Burke, seconded by Michael Veeder and duly carried.


Bambi Hotaling, Town Clerk


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