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October 11, 2022

October 11, 2022

Read Workshop Meeting October 27, 2022

Richard Hanse, Supervisor
Patrick Kennedy, Councilman
Linda Wilkinson, Councilwoman
Michael Veeder, Councilman
Bambi Hotaling, Town ClerkABSENT:

Thomas Burke, Councilman
Carol Metz, Patrick Doyle, Kris Garvey, Donna Wasilewski

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Hanse at 7:00 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment of silence in honor of Richard Roberg.

A motion to accept the minutes of September 13, 29 and 30 was made by Patrick Kennedy seconded by Michael Veeder and duly carried.

Board members were provided with Code Enforcement’s written report and Chief of EMS.

Meeting opened for public comments:

Carol Metz thanked the board for getting rid of the old stove at the Senior Center.  Rick reported that the new stove has been ordered.  Will be working on the floor the week of election day.  Carol reminded everyone of the upcoming events – BINGO on October 19 and a Halloween party on October 31, things are going well but they can always use more volunteers.  

Donna Wasilewski, Supervisor’s Bookkeeper updated the board stating that Paychex has been implemented.  She is working on getting a new time keeping system the cost is approximately $99 per month. She has inquired into new accounting programs – Quick Books and Williamson Law Books.  Impact is the program currently being used which is outdated and cumbersome and cost about $4,000 per year.  The Williamson quote came in at about $16,000 for initial set up and $2000 per year for maintenance.  Quick Books is approximately $4,500-$6,500 set up fee and $800 year for maintenance.  Donna would like to implement Quick Books as soon as possible.  Patrick Kennedy made the motion which was seconded by Michael Veeder and duly carried authorizing Donna to implement Quick Books and get a new time keeping system in place.
Ayes:  4 – Hanse, Kennedy, Veeder, Wilkinson Absent:  1 – Burke

Patrick asked Donna if any cross training has begun.  She is totally on-board with cross training but has not yet had the time.

Patrick Doyle gave an update on Flint Mine Solar and the public hearings that were held by the Greene County IDA regarding the PILOT program.  He talked about the NYSERDA model, host agreements, decommissioning, storm water effects on Sleepy Hollow Lake and environmental concerns.   

Supervisor reported that the Quarry Steakhouse has been demolished.  The next step is to get the costs re-levied onto the upcoming tax bill. 

No movement on the tire dump.

A resolution to increase the town’s ambulance rates was presented.  The rate schedule reflects the average charges for various levels of service in Central New York and are as follows:  
ALS 1 – $1,700; ALS 2 – $2,000; basic life support $1,300; mileage $32 per mile.  The annual review and adoption of rates was mandated by the Town Board in 2021.  A  motion to adopt the new rates effective January 1, 2023, was made by Patrick Kennedy seconded by Linda Wilkinson and duly carried.
Ayes:  4 – Hanse, Kennedy, Veeder Wilkinson Absent:  1 – Burke

General Fund and Highway bills in the amount of $125,479.81 were audited on abstract #10, voucher numbers 2022-671 through 2022-732.

A motion to accept the August and September Justice reports as presented was made by Michael Veeder seconded by Linda Wilkinson and duly carried.

A motion to schedule a budget workshop meeting for Thursday, October 27 at 6:00 pm was made by Michael Veeder seconded by Patrick Kennedy and duly carried.

A motion to reschedule the November 8 board meeting to November 9 was made by Michael Veeder seconded by Patrick Kennedy and duly carried.

At 7:45 pm a motion to enter into executive session for the purpose of discussing contract negotiations was made by Patrick Kennedy seconded by Michael Veeder and duly carried.  Donna Wasilewski was asked to remain.  

At 8:05 pm a motion to come out of executive session and adjourn the meeting was made by Linda Wilkinson seconded by Patrick Kennedy and duly carried. 

Copies of all resolutions, agreements, and contracts are on file in the Town Clerk’s Office.