Planning Board


Bruce Haeussler, Chairman
Patty McIntyre, Planning board secretary
Harold Beaumont
Joanne Adamo Conway
Frank Gerrain
William Whitbeck
Joseph Garland
Linda Deubert


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Coxsackie-1892, Courtesy of University of Texas Library Map Collection

The Planning Board meets on the 1st Thursday of each month at the Town Hall at 56 Bailey Street.
Read minutes Zoning Board meets only as needed.

Are you planning to build or remodel?

Be sure to check building codes and file a proper building permit.

Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer
Inspector: Ed Pebler (ph: 857-9465).

Building Codes
Building and Construction Application Guide
Municipal Code

Permit Applications
Application for Building and Zoning Permit

Application for Special Use Permit

Application for Sign Permit

Building Site Approval
Application for Subdivison

Application for Site Plan Approval

Planning Board decision Document

Planning Board Site Plan Review Checklist 9-19-17

Site Plan Review